Can you mix wine and whiskey?

In the divine conquest for trying all things liquor you’re at an amazing cross roads of your drinking career. You’ve hit the mighty question of can you mix wine and whiskey?

Yes you can absolutely mix wine and whiskey. There i a much ofter stated myth that mixing these two amazing beverage will make you sick. But of course like any alcoholic beverage if you drink in moderation. You will be just fin.

Can you mix wine and whiskey

Now let’s get to the exciting part of whether you can ACTUALLY mix wine and whiskey together.

The simple answer to this one is YES! You can mix wine and whiskey together. This is simply just another type of cocktail.

Wine and Whiskey mixed Cocktails

Wine as well as whiskey have a whole lot in common: they’re both delicious, dignified, well-crafted, acquired cups that will loosen you up and after that some. Oh, as well as they both start with the letter ‘W.’.

Still, you’ll never ever really find them in the very same glass. Though they both have a central location in our hearts, they represent and stay in various edges of the great beverage globe. Lots of think it’s some law of nature, they simply aren’t indicated to blend.

Well, we claim they are, dammit. That’s why we’re sharing with you the 5 best methods to blend these heaven-sent fluids. Stale red wine pretenders avert your eyes at once! Seriously though, worlds have actually never ever collided so delightfully and also non-chaotically. If you thought wine and bourbon weren’t meant for every other, attempt these alcoholic drinks as well as reconsider.

The Prosecco & Scotch Julep.

— 1 mug of mint basic syrup.
— 1 cup of Scotch (a combined scotch will do).
— 2 mugs of Prosecco.
— Fresh mint leaves.

If the Mint Julep is the beverage of the south, then the Prosecco & Scotch Julep is the extra awesome drink of the south. Initially, work up some mint straightforward sugar by throwing 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of fresh mint leaves (tightly packed) and 1/2 mug of water in a saucepan or pot.

Bring it to a boil, and then minimize it to a simmer till the sugar dissolves. No worry, from there it obtains much easier. Place your easy syrup, Scotch, Prosecco and some fresh mint leaves in a large ‘ole pitcher filled with ice. Then find a huge hat, placed on your best Kentucky accent and also sip to your heart’s pleasure.

The Merlot & Whiskey Sangria.

— 1 bottle of a light, fruity red wine (assume Beaujolais Nouveau).
— 1 mug of Bourbon.
— 1/4 cup of Cointreau.
— Approx. one pound of mixed berries.

It’s sangria, yet with tons of bourbon in it. Need we say extra? Put scotch and also Cointreau into a bottle filled with blended berries. Let it blend and socialize for concerning an hour, and then complement the bottle with your bottle of red. See to it you serve it cool and with ice, if you’re really feeling fancy add a dashboard of sparkling water. If it’s summer (or you truly want it were summer season) you must probably do this at the same time.

The New York Sour.

— 2 oz. (or a little less than a shot and also a fifty percent) of Rye or Bourbon.
— 1 oz. of fresh pressed lemon juice.
— 1 oz. of Basic Syrup.
— 1/2 oz. of Shiraz or Malbec.

It’s from New york city, so you know it’s going to be a difficult one to make. However like New York, it’s also entirely worth it. Take your rye or bourbon, your fresh squeezed lemon juice and your basic syrup and also throw it into a cocktail shaker. Load it to the border with ice as well as drink until your shaker obtains covered in that hot frost.

Stress your freshly drunk production into a rocks glass full of fresh ice and prepare yourself for the event method of all time. Get your merlot, put a dash as well as a half of it oh-so-gently over the rear of a spoon and also right into your drink. This will produce a sexy layer of merlot that will drift alluringly on top of your mixed drink. Yeahhh, you understand you wan na.

The Scotch Mac.

— 2 shots (3 oz) of Scotch.
— 1 shot (1.5 oz) of Rock’s Ginger White wine.

Yeah, we understand Ginger A glass of wine isn’t the sort of red wine we’re always on about- however the Whiskey Mac is simply as well one-of-a-kind to start splitting hairs over. If you’ve been wishing to try something various without getting a PhD in Molecular Mixology (or paying $30 for somebody with a PhD in Molecular Mixology to make your beverage while moving their hands truly promptly) go for a Whiskey Mac.

The Vibrant Chieftain.

— 1 Shot (1.5 oz) of Bourbon.
— 1 Shot (1.5 oz) of Three-way Sec.
— Prosecco.
— Orange rind

A bourbon & a glass of wine romance with a name such as this one needs to can be found in at primary on any type of checklist. To work up the Bold Chieftain in correct style, put your Bourbon and also Three-way Sec shots in a rocks glass, then top it off with Prosecco. Enthusiasm (expensive represent capture the oils out of) your orange rind into your chieftain, then drink it, boldly of course.

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