How long is whiskey good for after opening

So there’s this only container of whiskey being in the cupboard for as long as you can keep in mind. It was possibly gotten in the ’90s and also rests there since. And sooner or later, you begin to question: How long is whiskey good for after opening?

After opening a bottle of whiskey will start lost some it flavour and fragrance due to the oxidising process. So this typically means that a bottle will be good for one to two years. Some whiskey manufacturers claim to to five years, but best to be on the safe side.

how long is whiskey good for after opening

Tips to help keep your whiskey for longer:

Restriction light.

Your whiskey collection might be beautiful enough to present out in the open, however it’ll last much longer if you maintain it behind a closet door. Lots of whiskeys are packaged in dark glass bottles for precisely this factor. If your bottle can be found in a canister or box, that can supply an additional layer of protection.

Restriction temperature level changes.

Area temperature is OKAY, however attempt not to go hotter. Cellars, root cellars, or even the bottom shelf in your cupboard can all be good locations to keep your whiskey (we know, we know, your collection is anything however lower rack).

Restriction oxygen.

If you’re trying to maintain a bottle around for a long time, think about purchasing a vacuum sealant, the kind used by bars as well as dining establishments to keep open containers of a glass of wine fresher, longer. (Note: After posting, we’ve discovered that vacuum sealants are, at best, an extremely short-lived remedy, as the seal isn’t made to last as long as you’ll want your whiskey to. Whisky Kirk advises decanting right into smaller bottles, a sophisticated solution, while other collectors swear by an item called Exclusive Preserve, a sprayable blend of inert gases designed to bury the surface area of your whiskey.).

Keep bottles upright.

Whereas wine ought to remain touching its cork to stop it from drying out, stronger spirits will in fact gnaw at the cork, passing on off flavors to the spirit as well as potentially spoiling the seal.

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