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Does whiskey contain yeast?

With the growing number of people with intolerance to yeast and coeliacs disease there is a growing need to have information about what you can and cant consumer. In this case you are here to find out does whiskey contain yeast? No whiskey does not contain yeast. Well specifically Irish Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey. These…

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Can you mix wine and whiskey?

In the divine conquest for trying all things liquor you’re at an amazing cross roads of your drinking career. You’ve hit the mighty question of can you mix wine and whiskey? Yes you can absolutely mix wine and whiskey. There i a much ofter stated myth that mixing these two amazing beverage will make you…

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Is it OK to drink whiskey every night?

Let’s discuss whiskey. There are many preferred nation songs blogged about it, and also the appeal of this beverage is only remaining to grow both in the media and in sales. According to a report done by Global Market Insights, Inc., the scotch market will exceed $84 billion around the world by the year 2025….

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What is the smoothest whiskey?

When you’re on the hunt for a smooth whiskey it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Smooth whiskey comes with the responsibility of enjoying it. Hence, how much it costs. But when it is all said and done, what is the smoothest whiskey? The smoothest whiskey is Auschentoshan 1978. It is a Lowlands, Single…

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Is there a difference between whiskey and bourbon?

All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Chances are you have probably heard that before. If you’re a whiskey (and also especially bourbon) enthusiast, you are most likely wondering is there a difference between whiskey and bourbon? The main difference between whiskey and bourbon is where they are manufactured. Bourbon, in this…