Best beer for weight loss – Australia 2020

When it concerns beer, there’s lots of options but what is the best beer for weight loss — with many options available. Such as full strength, light, no alcohol, low carbohydrate, low sugar … you understand. The issue is, however, that it’s not required for nutrition info to be labelled on the bottle, so choosing the healthiest one in the bottle shop can be rather complicated.

Best beer for weight loss

As a basic regulation, I ‘d recommend opting for a reduced or no alcohol alternative. That’ll assist to maintain your energy intake reduced, while minimising the dangers connected with drinking alcohol.

Low-carb beers aren’t all they’re gone crazy to be, due to the fact that they contain the very same quantity of alcohol as normal beer, which’s where much of the trouble exists (instead of the carbs). Nevertheless, they’re probably a far better selection than a conventional full-strength option.

If you can’t fathom alcohol consumption anything yet a full-strength beer, however, there are various other ways you can cut down. Attempt alternating each beverage with water or a low-sugar non-alcoholic drink, or reducing on section size by going with a middy (285mL) rather than a schooner (425mL) or a pint (570mL).

Best beer for weight loss Australia


James Boag’s Premium Light 375mL

Tasmania – isolated, wild, pure. Since 1881, this land has inspired James Boag’s to perfect their craft. Their dedication to quality drove the quest for Premium Light – a perfect balance of brewing passion and the finest natural ingredients, delivering a full-flavoured Light beer.

Hahn Premium Light 375mL

Brewed with full flavour but with only 2.6% alcohol, you can enjoy Hahn Premium Light in a handy stubbie whenever the occasion calls for a crisp thirst quencher. Its refreshing flavour makes Hahn Premium Light it one of our most popular premium light beers.


Heineken 0.0 Non Alcoholic Lager Bottles 330mL

With its signature green bottle and red star, Heineken is one of the most recognisable beers in the world. Heineken Zero (or 0.0) is its take on the non-alcoholic beer. With a blue label indicating the lack of alcohol, it’s still pretty much the Heineken you know and love – without the boozy buzz.

Heineken Zero is a lager with the fruity notes and soft maltiness of the classic Heineken. It did a great job capturing the original taste. It’s also a great low calorie and low carb alcohol for those looking to cut back. Only 69 calories per 330ml bottle.

Carlton Zero Non Alcoholic Beer 330mL

A full flavoured classic beer-style with all the refreshment qualities of Carlton, made for occasions when alcohol is not appropriate.

Holsten Alcohol Free Beer 330mL

Brewed using traditional Pilsner brewing methods, Holsten Alcohol Free 0.0% is bottom fermented and generously hopped for full flavour. The beer has a crisp, hop driven bitterness and a refreshingly clean finish, typical of Premium Pilsners.

Can you drink alcohol as well as still be healthy?

Allow’s rewind a couple of actions as well as discuss the elephant in the space: alcohol. You mightn’t know the effect that alcohol can have on your body– it can go far beyond a dreadful hangover the following day.

Consuming alcohol excessive can mean you’ll at some point have to loosen your belt distort a couple of notches. That’s due to the fact that alcohol is seriously energy-dense, indicating it includes a substantial piece of calories in a fairly small portion. Certainly, a drink every once in a while is most likely no big deal, however overdoing it regularly might result in weight gain.

Alcohol can influence your long-lasting health, also. Consuming excessive can lead to cardiovascular disease, psychological illness as well as digestive problems. It can also enhance your danger of lots of illness, consisting of diabetic issues, bowel cancer cells and also breast cancer cells. It’s quite major stuff.

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