Ultimate Guide to Beer by the Keg

Beer by the keg is a fantastic way to make sure your party is the life of the party, all while not breaking the bank. Drinking keg beer has become a popular fad among college students and young professionals alike as they are able to keep up with their busy social calendars without sacrificing their love for beer.

In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about how to throw a great keg party, how to pick out your perfect beer, and what beers are right for different parties. We’ll also teach you how to make the party last all night long.

A basic keg party is simple: invite your friends over, have a great time, and drink beer. It is however more than that. You want to make sure that your party has a good flow and that each drinker feels comfortable with the content of the evening in order to make it a memorable one. This means you need to know what kind of beer will work best at your event, or for what social occasion.

What is a beer keg?

A beer keg is basically an oversized beer bottle. Instead of having a mouthful of glass, the glass is replaced with metal and the liquid is held in place with pressure. This allows for a much larger reservoir to hold the beer in. There is a valve on top that you can open to release the beer and then close when you are done pouring it. A tap keeps air out of the keg so it will stay fresh, even after being tapped for months or years on end.

A key difference between a regular beverage and a keg is that you can only drink from the tap, which means no refilling the bottle. Instead, you bring the keg to your friends, give them a good number of drinks, then remove the gas and cap it yourself. It is typically much more expensive than buying a soda or a beer in bottles, but if you are planning on having fun all night long there are few reasons not to go with beer by the keg.

How much will a Beer keg cost?

A basic keg will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the size and the brand of the keg. They are more expensive than soda or bottles of beer because of the expense in gas or electricity used to fill (and empty) them. Since you are not bringing your own bottles, unless you purchase extremely large kegs that can hold around 150 drinks, you will need at least two full kegs to get the party going. This also means you need to order several sets of beer, so you can drink as many drinks as you want without having to worry about reordering.

There are more expensive options out there that offer longer life spans (like 5 years) and more functionality. But for the keg party that lasts all night long, it does not make sense to go with something that will not be used enough to justify the cost.

A standard keg holds about 165 cans of beer. This means you can be generous with your friends while still keeping the party going all night. The average 5 gallon keg will hold 165 beers and cost around $100, so for a five-hour party you are looking at around $2.50 per person including the cost of the keg. For a 10 hour party you are looking at $1.40 per person.

Warning: the more people you invite, the more expensive it will be per person! If you have a lot of guests and you cannot afford to drink this way every time, it makes sense to just buy bottles and cans instead.

How do I select the right beer by the keg?

If you are looking for something that will get everyone to the keg party in a fun mood, there are some different choices when it comes to beer by the keg. You can get a “party” beer, which is not usually very hoppy, so it will be great for everyone to drink. Or you can choose something with more of a kick. If you are taking people out to a party where they are going to talk about politics or discuss what the most important issue of the day is, this is not the right type of beer for that occasion. You want something that is much more light and easy to drink.

If you are expecting to host a party with a lot of different types of people, it might be easier to go with a lighter, hoppier beer. Partygoers who do not like alcohol at all will probably stick out more if they are drinking something strong.

Is it cheaper to buy beer by the keg compared to slabs in Australia?

Slabs of beer have become rather popular in Australia over the past few years. Slabs are cubes of beer, or something much like it, which have been frozen. Some people have a difficult time distinguishing them from regular soda, but since slabs are usually sold in larger quantities they are a great way to get cheaper beers without having to worry about having to buy bottles every time you host a party.

Unfortunately kegs do not work the same way. A keg holds a much larger amount of liquid, so if you want to have the party last all night long you will need more than one keg. You can get a lot cheaper beer by buying soda in bottles, but it is usually not worth it. Kegs are also more expensive. While kegs do have a limited life span, you can still get away with using them several times before they expire.

Buying beer by the keg is great for people who want to throw their own parties at home every now and then. If you want to have the party regularly, it is more cost effective to just stock up on cans or bottles of your favorite beer.

It can also be more practical to just order a keg of the same beer you always buy in bottles. This means you can set up a quick keg tap at home and have your friends over for the night without having to worry about going to the liquor store.

What is the difference between a beer keg and a tap?

A keg and a tap are two separate things. A keg is just where you store your beer, while the tap is what you use when it comes time to serve up some drinks.

You can get a beer keg less than you would expect. Kegs are not expensive especially when you compare them to other ways to store and serve beer. Beer taps are usually relatively cheap, but getting the right one for your keg will make a huge difference in how long the beer lasts.

The trick with taps is that they are usually made of very thick metal and therefore cost more. If you want to get a tap-style keg, it will be much more expensive than the regular type. If you want a perfect combination of stunning design and durability, you will have to go for a more expensive tap and still be fairly certain of your choice.

Is beer by the keg dangerous?

Beer by the keg is not dangerous in any way. In fact, it is much safer than other methods of serving alcohol because there are fewer people that can accidentally drink too much. You cannot ever pour someone too many drinks and have them fall over because the alcohol has been made so concentrated. Plus, there are fewer bottles to clean up after the party is over.

Even though it is safer than serving beer by the bottle or can, it might be a good idea to use small cups so you and your guests can only have one drink at a time.

Can I get served keg beer in Australia if I order it from another country?

You can get keg beer in Australia if you are importing it from overseas, but there are a few things you need to do, especially since there is a difference between importing beer by the keg and importing cans of beer.

First of all, you will need to make sure that the kegs you bring into the country are full. You also need to make sure they have not been used before. By law, you cannot bring them in if they have been used before. This means that some countries will not allow you to buy imported kegs from their stores because they have already been sold as used products.

Once you have found a seller who sells kegs for you, you need to make sure they are safe and of the correct size before you buy them. You also need to make sure they are not damaged when they come into Australia.

Once the kegs make it into customs, you still have to pay the duty tax on them. Gifting beer is usually not taxed in Australia, but you should still read the paperwork before you finalize your order and be prepared for the extra paperwork that can come with importing a keg.

Which beer companies sell their products by the keg?

A few of Australia’s biggest beer sellers will even sell their products by the keg if necessary. They might not have too many kegs available, but if you know which kinds of beer you want to serve, you can probably find a few of them.

The major brands of beer in Australia will have keg versions, especially if they are known for serving their products at bars. Most brands will not be available by the keg, but there are enough kegs out there to make sure that those who want to host long parties at home can do so without having to worry about running out of beer faster than they had expected.

How much does a full keg weigh in Australia?

A full keg weighs quite a bit because it is filled with a lot of liquid. The weight depends on the brand of beer and the number of cans or bottles each keg holds.

Kegs are usually fairly light, so they should be no problem for most people to move around. Some brands are much heavier because they have been made from thicker metal and therefore weigh more per unit volume than regular kegs.

It is best to take a scale with you when you go shopping for a keg in case you need to check how much it weighs before setting it up. The scale will also make it easier for your friends to get the best deal on their keg purchases. If they buy smaller quantities, they will save money just by buying in bulk instead of buying less beer at a time.

What is the best way to clean beer from a keg?

Although you can run the keg through the dishwasher or use a sanitizing solution, it is better to wash it by hand with hot water. This will help you get rid of any stale residue that might still be lurking on it. Use soap and warm water when washing the keg, especially if you want to avoid leaving grease behind.

Some people use commercial cleaning kits for their beer taps, but you can easily make one at home if you have something strong with bleach in your kitchen. A bottle of bleach should be more than enough to kill any bacteria that may be lurking on your keg tap.

How do you keep a keg cold at home when serving?

The easiest way to serve beer at home is by having a cooler, and many people keep their coolers around the house for storing all kinds of drinks. A keg will need a lot of time to get to the right temperature before it can be served, so you will want a cooler that will keep it cold.

You can get inexpensive coolers or you can go for something bigger if you feel like having plenty of space in which to store your keg and another container for serving. You can opt for anything from small, handy portable coolers in shopping malls to large fridges in the outdoors that can fit dual purpose use as they also can be used either as buffet tables or storage baskets filled with food.

You will want to make sure that the keg is fully cooled before you serve it. If you are serving beer in a bar, you should know that most establishments will keep the kegs on ice until they are served.

How much money will I need to get a new keg home from Australia?

You should expect to spend roughly about $30 to get a full case of beer by the keg delivered to your door in Australia. Your local liquor store should be able to give you an estimate for shipping the keg back too, but it might vary from place to place since each point of delivery can have their own costs and prices.

There are also a lot of other costs that accompany having to ship a keg back home, like the cost of hiring someone to drive it across the country too. This will be a fairly significant expense as shipping documents take a long time to process, so you may want to give yourself plenty of time before you make your arrangements.

Does Australia have any rules about keg sizes?

In Australia, there are no laws regarding the size and weight of kegs. As long as they fit through your door, you can get your beer with them whenever you need them.

How do I figure out how many beer kegs I will need for a party?

There is no exact amount of kegs needed for a party, but you can get an idea by thinking about how many people you expect to be there. You can make your calculations based on the maximum number of guests that you will be expecting to serve beer, or you can simply go for the number of cans or bottles that will fit in each keg.

On average some will drink six to eight beers each, so four kegs should be sufficient. Of course you will also want to make sure that you have enough for a good selection of beers and that you have the right amount of space in your cooler as well.

What is the best way to serve beer from a keg in Australia?

You can serve beer from a keg by pouring it into a chilled glass or using a dispenser of some kind. There are steel kegs with handles on them, which can be used if they are compatible with your tap system. You can also use glass bottles, but there are certain brands whose recommended serving temperature is rather low and might not produce the best quality beer either.

What kind of beer do Australians prefer to drink?

Australians are known for enjoying a wide variety of beers, so they are likely to try anything new that you sell them. You should make sure that the beer you want to sell in Australia is not only something that is available at your local liquor store, but also something that people will be willing to pay for.

If you have a type of brew with high alcohol content, you can expect it to be sold out quickly wherever you take it. People like variety as much as they like consistency in their drinks. This means they will be more likely to buy if they see a variety of beers on the shelf and if your prices are competitive with other brands.

What is the best way to preserve beer in Australia?

When you are moving beer around the world, you will face a greater threat of contamination or spoilage than with other drinks. You should always use the right containers for your keg and keep them at a safe temperature to prevent your beer from going bad too quickly. When you are travelling with a keg, make sure that you have packed it securely to avoid bumps and spills along the way. It is usually safer to use a sturdy plastic container too because metal might dent in transit.

If you are using glass bottles for serving your beer, make sure that they have been properly cleaned and sanitized in order to avoid giving off any of their flavors. There are different ways of sanitizing your beer bottles, but you should make sure that you follow the instructions on the bottle when cleaning them.

What is the best cheap way to serve keg beer in Australia?

When you are serving beer in Australia, make sure that it is cold as it will taste better. If you have access to a freezer, this would be an ideal storage space for all of your kegs and containers and should help keep them cool at all times. You can also keep them in a cooler if there is lots of ice inside to keep everything nice and chilled.

Cheap ways to serve kegs in Australia may not be the most efficient ways, but you can always find ways to make things go cheaper and keep your customers happy. Rather than spending a lot of money on a keg tap system, you could always go for plastic cups instead.

Conclusion – beer by the keg

Some say that beer is like cheese and wine: it just gets better with age. Well, this is true when talking about beer from a keg. Beer from a keg allows you to enjoy beer at its freshest without having to commit to large amounts of a particular brew.

When you buy beer from a keg the gas pressure prevents air and light from affecting the flavor or aroma of the brew. This means that the flavor should be consistently similar each time you enjoy your favorite beer.

Beer kegs can be filled and dispensed from the same unit that’s used for carbonating bottles, or they may be served from a separate dispensing unit. Containers with a “tap and fill” or “dip and pour” feature have just two parts: the “tap,” which is filled through the bottom, and the “fill” valve, which allows beer to flow into the container.

What’s more, a keg of beer allows you to enjoy six different beers at one time. You can keep them fresh by storing them in cool places (like your freezers) at appropriate temperatures.

Beer kegs keep your beer fresh for up to thirty days. This is longer than the four-day shelf life you get when you purchase beer at a liquor store. It’s also better than the three or four days it takes to drink most bottled beers. So if you have a party in mind, or just want to keep six of your favorite beers on hand for everyday use, it’s best to purchase beer from a keg.

In order to get the most out of your beer by the keg here is some information that will help. For starters, it’s important that you clean all of your equipment thoroughly after each use.

If you’re fortunate enough to own two kegs, you can keep one on hand for immediate use and the other in the freezer. If not, you should pour out your beer after about four days and replace it with fresh beer.

If you’ve purchased an eight-gallon or larger keg of beer, you may want to think about building an insulated cover for it. This will help to maintain the carbonation level within acceptable limits, and will keep the beer tasting cold even when it’s not being dispensed.

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