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What type of beer is Corona?

Corona Extra is one of the most famous beer brands in the world. But many people wonder what type of beer is Corona? Corona Beer is specifically a pale lager. A pale lager as the name suggests is much paler than a golden lager. Corona is made by Cervercia Modela a Mexican brewery but is…


How many ml in a pint of beer?

Heading to pub for a pint of beer with your mates? Have you ever wondered how many ml in a pint of beer? Surprisingly it’s more than most people realise, in fact its over half a litre of beer in a pint. To be exact the Australian pint of beer is 570 ml. Thats’s a…

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Does whiskey contain yeast?

With the growing number of people with intolerance to yeast and coeliacs disease there is a growing need to have information about what you can and cant consumer. In this case you are here to find out does whiskey contain yeast? No whiskey does not contain yeast. Well specifically Irish Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey. These…

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Can you mix wine and whiskey?

In the divine conquest for trying all things liquor you’re at an amazing cross roads of your drinking career. You’ve hit the mighty question of can you mix wine and whiskey? Yes you can absolutely mix wine and whiskey. There i a much ofter stated myth that mixing these two amazing beverage will make you…


Best beer for weight loss – Australia 2020

When it concerns beer, there’s lots of options but what is the best beer for weight loss — with many options available. Such as full strength, light, no alcohol, low carbohydrate, low sugar … you understand. The issue is, however, that it’s not required for nutrition info to be labelled on the bottle, so choosing…


Does red wine go off?

We’ve all done it. Opened up a bottle of red wine and only had one glass with most of the bottle left over. It seems a waste to just tip a good bottle of red down the drain the next day. So this begs the question, does red wine go off? Yes red wine does…


How many ml in a glass of wine

In the world of wine enthusiasts, a lot of do not really think of the glass they are placing their a glass of wine into as well as how much they are filling it. So how many ml in a glass of wine? A glass on wine has approximately 150ml. It is deemed the adequate…


What is a dry white wine?

Lots of people favor dry white wine over any other kind of wine. Red Wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and also dry Riesling are created all over the world, and wine enthusiasts value them for their crisp flavors and simple capability to couple with foods. You can consume alcohol dry whites whenever of year,…


How long does red wine last once opened?

So you have opened up a bottle of red wine and wondering how long does red wine last once opened? Well keep reading to find out exact details on what to expect. As soon as you open a container of wine, you expose the wine inside to even more oxygen. While exposure to oxygen could…

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Is it OK to drink whiskey every night?

Let’s discuss whiskey. There are many preferred nation songs blogged about it, and also the appeal of this beverage is only remaining to grow both in the media and in sales. According to a report done by Global Market Insights, Inc., the scotch market will exceed $84 billion around the world by the year 2025….